ROMderful Releases ‘Please Reconnect Controller’ Album

blame it on 2DBZ October 28, 2021

ROMderful has done it again.

With his debut album, 2019’s Press L To Continue, still in heavy rotation, the Seoul-based singer/producer is back at it with another gem in the form of his sophomore album, Please Reconnect Controller.

A 16-track affair, the project is equipped with features from Phonte, Xavier Omär, CJ Fly, Darien Brockington, Pyra, BeMyFiasco, and more.

  1. “Just Let Go!”
  2. “Mesmerized!” ft. Kayfaraway
  3. “Baby Rose!” ft. NanaBcool
  4. “Party!” ft. Stevan
  5. “Sublime!” ft. Xavier Omär
  6. “Skydive!” ft. Phonte & BeMyFiasco
  7. “WII!”
  8. “Oh My!” ft. Matt Martians & 9m88
  9. “Aliens!”
  10. “Moving Too Fast?” ft. Niia
  11. “Checkpoint?”
  12. “Lemme Show You?” ft. CJ Fly
  13. “Simulation?” ft. Pyra
  14. “Let’s Go Back In Time?”
  15. “Try Again?” ft. Darien Brockington & Phonte
  16. “It’s Okay?”

Press play, vibe out, and be sure to add ROMderful’s Please Reconnect Controller album wherever you consume music.