Westside Gunn Returns with ‘Peace “Fly” God’ Project

blame it on Shake July 8, 2022

Westside Gunn is at it again.

After letting Hitler Wears Hermes Vol. 8 rock for nearly a year, the Griselda general has returned with a new albumart piece” for the masses.

“I’ma start making ART pieces,” Gunn said back in June. “It might be three songs, it could be 5, 7, who knows. I’ma just do what I wanna do for that particular piece. I might not even rap on a track, but produce or curate it, because I’m not a rapper – I’m an ARTIST.”

Equipped with 10 tracks, Gunn does in fact rap on Peace “Fly” God, with Stove God Cooks and Estee Nack tagging in on occasion over beats by Madlib, Daringer, Conductor Williams, and Don Carrera.

  1. “Peace Flygod”
  2. “Jesus Crack” ft. Estee Nack & Stove God Cooks
  3. “Ritz Barlton” ft. Estee Nack
  4. “Big Ass Bracelet” ft. Stove God Cooks
  5. “Bobby Rhude” ft. Estee Nack
  6. “Derrick Boleman” ft. Stove God Cooks
  7. “Horses On Sunset” ft. Stove God Cooks
  8. “Open Praise”
  9. “Danhausen”
  10. “Flip v. Phil” ft. Eastside Flip

Press play below, add the piece wherever you get music, and be on the lookout for WSG’s Michelle Records project.