• Paul P

    i dont know what to think about thiis one

  • jwest


  • DiggySimmons

    had no idea this was dropin dope

  • http://multiplehustle.com Allen Walker

    Too many W's in that twitter link...

  • http://multiplehustle.com Allen Walker

    @Paul P

    Who told you to think?

  • HipHop

    dope for the most part, couple of weak tracks but overall quality

    sittin on the porch, smokin my weed

  • dro

    ill peep dis ggood looks

  • johnny davis

    im feelin it

  • Jay

    tracklist shows 16 tracks. there are 19 in the folder. and none of them are tagged for iTunes. cotdayum.

  • http://freshouttheoven.com GrahamCEO

    yeah...i've got 19 "Nappy University" tracks. Some of them are good...

  • Gram

    hell yeah

  • Billy Biggs

    Damn this Nappy University goes hard!!! I can't wait til The Pursuit of Nappyness drops June 15th!!!

  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    have to give it a listen ...........

  • http://thesmkaexperience.com smka

    well done folk!

  • localmoney

    i was hopin for a johnny spanish feature on here, he the best artist outta kentucky in my opinion. mixtapes aight i aint gon hate.

  • fuckouttahere

    this shit unreal trash

  • http://ThisIsWhyUBroke.wordpress.com Thisiswhyubroke!

    I love these guys! no homo

    "Because ridicule is the most effective form of education"

  • Xero

    if y'all go to the Nappy Roots website, they got the download link to this mixtape plus a pic of the tracklist with all 19 tracks.. shake gotta update that.

  • Dj_Careless

    It's that Joint. Can't wait for da Pursuit of Nappyness!!!!!!!!

  • http://49erswebzone.com ace*

    nappy roots is still around?

    i like that "aww nahh hell nah" song

  • whodat?

    Nappy Roots - The Pursuit Of Nappyness (Album) http://usershare.net/1rxtq0799fwu