Ryshon Jones – The Lower I Fall, The Higher I Aim (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 23, 2011

I’ve had this project on my computer since the youngin’ from Philly sent it to me last month, but only had time to check it recently though. And for the record, it’s pretty dope. Beast over at UHTN pretty much wrapped up my exact thoughts in words so I’m just gonna quote him verbatim.

Think Drake x Curren$y x Beanie Siegel x Pink Floyd. No, I’m not saying that to catch your attention. I get a good amount of people asking me to post their music everyday in my inbox and twitter. I don’t get enough time to check everything, for the most part I listen though. This man, Ryshon Jones, has caught my attention. At only 19 the Philly emcee is more than ready to grow into a permanent fixture in the game. He just sounds like he gets it. This rap thing comes natural, you either have it or you don’t, and this kid does.

Broken Dreams f. Judah Akeem

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Ryshon Jones – The Lower I Fall, The Higher I Aim (Mixtape)

  • dloe

    ill give it a try on account of what said above doe

  • Kid is just nice!

  • By far his best project to come out and it’s better than most rap albums that come out these days and it was worth the wait. It shows someone who’s battling with his inner self. On one hand he has his dreams battling to keep on rapping and the glory of it but on the other hand he’s battling the negativity that comes with it, should he continue doing it? What about the others views? Will he make it? Overall it’s a struggle that really hits home and it connects to people. Musically it’s a hip-hop album but I’d say it takes a page out of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” with it’s sonic style.

    Listen to it. It’s free. Why buy Waka Flocka when you could pick up this? Come on now.

  • AMV

    Yeah man…feeling this…man some of these cats do get it…the future of the MC is alive and well.

  • locopollo


  • Jin

    Sounds good. Good delivery, good flow for both rappers, and creative lyrical structure.

    Keep it up.

  • realtalkmusic

    Dude cool. He ain’t no damn drake x currensy x beans and etc all that other shit they was talkin about but he cool

  • ApexPredator

    Toronto fucks with Rhyshon Jones still – and Judah Akeem. Shouts out to Talen Ted too up on this tape.

  • Carmen

    shit im proud of you man

  • ApexPredator

    *Ryshon my bad hyped on the exposure to the famss…

  • GR

    The production’s a little predictable, but well executed. And his flow is pretty good. I think anyone should give his mixtape download a try.

  • PeterJames

    These cats are MONSTERS! I think they can be whoever they want @reaktalkmusic Philly stand up!!!

  • this guy is up next..his talent is different..when you compare him to all of those ppl you know hes something special.. – Talen Ted

  • DreDay

    Congrats for makin it to 2bz that is a good look but ive worked with dude and he is an asshole tbh

  • man..this boy gon be a legend bruh

  • Ryshon Jones

    @dreDay uhh this this Dylan Tran ? newho idk who u are the whole writtin commnents thing tlkn shit.its corny.. people are happy for me right now..who ever u ur face..or jus dnt say no negative shit at all bruh

  • Syd Barrett

    Checked it out because of the Pink Floyd comparison. Downloaded, listened, deleted. This is very average from front to back, with some looped-sample garageband beats and a hand me down flow about simple, generic nonsense. I dont know why I listened to the description, but I shouldnt have let it get my hopes up.

  • Syd Barrett

    Ill give credit tho, I just re-read the description and saw that he was 19. In that case and for his age, he shows potential. But this mixtape isnt something Id listen to yet.

  • fuck2dopeboyz

    @syd barrett – naw nigga..nuthing close to cant just downlaod something..browse throught it..and try to like it…you just gotta sit back and play it back..let it grow on you.

  • jr

    lmao this kid ryshon and his little crew of friends are all over the comments.. nothing negative is tolerated lol..

    mixtape is straight tho

  • Syd Barrett


    I dont listen to music that Im not interested in. If a project isnt individual enough to get my attention at any point during the entire hour of playing time, it doesnt deserve a replay.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Artwork mosdef has me curious and the joint above was on point.

  • drunk

    this shit is awesome! very atmospheric and deep sound! respect from Ukraine!

  • Trueff

    i fucks with this tape, if he came with some straight-forward hip hop shit i feel like he’d be killin it

  • JaySpaceE

    Haha my dude Storm is on there! Also Talen Ted. Great group of young producers on this, I’ve downloaded this for a minute now but never listened to it fully just tracks they released they produced on.

  • phillyrep

    Shake you been holding out?

  • valence

    these comments hype it up waaay too much. It’s OK. That’s it.

  • ill check it out because of the description

  • Storm Watkins on the beat…..Woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Detroit Hip-Hop

    Not bad, but Finale killed this beat at the end of Arrival & Departure off of A Pipe Dream and a Promise

  • Kenneth

    I’m going to be completely honest. Not trying to knock a 19 year old nigga but we’re supposed to be honest here.

    I downloaded it too because of the description but people are overrating it.

    – A lot of the songs are forgettable. Sure there’s a lot of great material but a lot of them are forgettable and not many stand out. “Broken Dreams” and a few others but as a whole you could skip because they don’t touch you enough.
    – Lyrics are good. The kid isn’t a Lupe, Kanye, Jay or anything like that, not a J. Cole, Drake none of them but lyrically he’s good and stands out enough with his catchy wordplay.
    – Hooks are completely forgettable. It doesn’t really pull you into the song and keep you hooked. Only a few of them are memorable such as on the songs “The Growth”, “Kisses for the Wind” and some others but most you easily forget. Even if those are good they don’t really pop and keep the song alive.
    – His voice, his tone. With great lyrical ability should come great delivery. His flow is ok but his tone isn’t perfect for his raspy voice just yet. He will have to work that out and continue. I had an idea and I let a friend listen and he said the same thing as I did. He sounds like he’s not confident in his own ability enough. You just don’t feel confidence like you should. Take J. Cole for example, you hear that he’s confident, most mainstream rappers even Waka Flocka, you feel as though they’re confident but with him it doesn’t sound that way.
    – Beats are great, no problem there. If there’s one thing he has it’s his ability to pick amazing beats. These guys have talent. Who knows they might be the next Swizz or Kanye in 10 years.
    – Nothing wrong with Yeezy and it’s a good idea but as I the only one who can tell he was greatly inspired by MBDTF? Coulda been done better but that’s just me.
    – To add onto the tone thing a lot of the songs felt like he was just rapping to rap. Once he fixes his voice should be good.
    – Didn’t really “wow” me like I thought it would. Some could argue he has pieces of Drake and the others you’ve named but really that would be like saying most rappers do as well even if it’s a little bit.

    That’s it. No offense to the kid, he’s 19 with potential but it isn’t near as amazing as people claim. I think people are getting their hopes up. Yeah I’m going to get lashed for this but it is no lie. I really think that he got his friends and people to come here and comment rather than having everyone do it naturally because it’s not how it’s supposed to be. I feel bad for other artists who don’t have a large support group that can put out better works but still get overlooked.

    I’d only listen to it once. Not a good first impression. Potential is there but really now not nears as amazing as people claim.

  • Kenneth

    For real though I’m saying this so you can check out what is. If he wants to continue to rap in the future you have got to separate yourself from the Waka, the Lil Waynes and the Jay-Z/Kanyes. Which one does he want to be? It’s up to him. We can’t gas him up now because it’s those same opinions that’ll keep him from possibly being a XXL Freshman in the future or even being a major signed artist with the greats and being in the lane too. He has to know the truth and we can’t really lie about this if he’s too improve.

    And again no disrespect to a 19 year old nigga. I like that one who’s young is doin it his way like this but I’m not gonna gas anyone up for no reason.

  • Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got em! I just had mine that’s all. I enjoyed your books. Keep doin you Ryshon!

  • DaeDae

    @kenneth wow ive never seen a comment that long straight talking endless jibber jabber, you must know the kid personally or something of that nature.. and if you forget so much, maybe you should stop smokin so much herb or whatever you doin, shit makin you sound weak cuz.
    dont be a fuckin hater, if you dont feel it, you dont feel it, move the fuck on. but you are a certified hater since that comment is about a foot long on a computer screen. kids got talent, hes on 2dopeboyz and you aint, thats that

  • BoyDavis

    kenneth is right. ryshon has potential but hyping won’t do it. having an opinion is bad these days? come on now, i like the kid but you guys are making it hard. reminds me of weezy fans. the dude even apologized for sayin that about ryshon and he’s still being jumped on? nigga please. he isn’t a hater he’s giving his opinion. worry less about the size and more on what he said. it was a aight album, kenneth was right. don’t like what he said? stop catchin feelings.

  • daedae

    @boydavis is @kenneth in disguise ;)

  • kenneth

    Yo I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. Just came to say this

    – Sorry for the long reply, I’m in college so I’m used to essays, sue me. I’m very analytical with my music. I always break it down
    – No disrespect I’m not a hater just had to be truthful about my opinion but I had no idea I’d be attacked, makes you think about how people truly feel on how good things are compare but I’m an honest fellow. It’s unwelcoming to people to see they’ll be attacked. We all have an opinion. That’s mine.
    – Heard it 2x and SLFC 2x. I didn’t skim through and I mentioned good points as well
    – I stick by what I said

    I’ll leave for good now. Everyone be good

  • Kilt

    cosign @kenneth, and that looked like constructive criticism to me, not hate. Damn niggas overuse that word- why else did dude even post his tape here if he didnt want feedback?

  • swag

    if dat opinion is so long than ryshon must be doing something good

  • southforyamouth

    Shake where did this guy come from and why havent you been put us on

  • I think Kenneth said it best.
    It was average BUT he sounds like a young rapper so he has plenty of time to grow as an artist. Definitely has potential and should continue to get better. The lyrics did sound genuine and thats difficult to find in hip-hop anymore.

    Understand its no hate bc I bet if we took a look back at ANY rapper’s first attempt, it wouldnt be classic shit. Keep doing your thing Ryshon, you’ll get there

  • DonJackson

    This is an amazing project!!! It flows soooo nicey!

  • phillybred215

    this nigga I been hearing about him on twitter hes dope

  • ryshon is all that, he’s had potential since i met him 4 years ago. and i appreciate him saying my name in The Growth! He’s only gonna keep getting better!

  • Luke Thee Element
  • Jamie Cal

    This is really top drawer stuff, eyes peeled for this guy

  • js

    came back after a listen or two. this is actually pretty cool. keep on working.

  • Dan Mangat

    Ryshon needs to leave the rap game alone and stick to mats and bar mops. Plus he wears his pants too tight, then tries to sag them. Just looks ridiculous. Write a song about that.