Common - Diamonds f. Big Sean


Produced by No I.D., Com unveils his Big Sean collaboration from his upcoming tenth album Nobody's Smiling, which drops July 22nd.

You can pre-order Nobody's Smiling on iTunes now.

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  • Nein Fuchs

    i'm hearing fucking voices like when porn play... I dont know how to feel about this

    • Anthony Osei

      Cool story.

      This shit fye.

    • Shapey


  • Lorant Mena

    BARs 1st album I'm gonna cop this year

  • Omega

    Sean soundin' a lot like Drizzy near the end of the track....

    • AlexFirth91

      It was tough though, these dudes be taking each other flows all the time; especially Drake.

  • JemPage

    Verses are dope as always. Sean's ay-ay-ay shit annoying as fuck. And this beat seems kind of uninspired

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • biff tannen

    This shit goes

  • Dat nigga

    this is hard tho.

  • OGBobbyJohnson

    One of my least favorite big sean verses i've heard, but Com goes in

  • AlexFirth91


  • jdubb

    This is str8 Heat mannee!

  • Ohms

    Tiiiiiight! not a fan of sean tho

  • Justin Blantey

    Awful chorus, but Common KILLS this.

    As I type this, the Chorus comes back on & I swear, it is bloody murder. This coulda been a classic if Sean didn't fuck this up. Ahhh!

  • kyle newsferd

    " I wrote this on my born day " -doom reference

  • Suburban Nigger

    why does big sean sound like rich homie quan on this?

  • Brandon Bryant

    glad Common brought his A game...Sean Killed him the last time they were on a track together

  • sean was alright i guess, common tho uh huh !

  • J-Haze

    Dope!!!!!! Common goes in, and I'm not mad at Sean. I think Common is really trying to reach the youth (especially out in the Chi) w/ Sean's hook interspersed with Common droppin that knowledge!!!...

  • JaffarR

    Damn No.ID production is so mediocre now..

  • andezac

    I doesn't take a genius to figure out that Big Sean absolutely ruined this track and what's with him jockin' Drake now; wasn't it supposed to be the other way round tho?

  • XLRG

    another song Sean messes up..dude is annoying & overrated ...Note to all artist..quit putting Big Sean on ya records!!

  • I actually feel Big Sean on this track right here, but all ^ this hatin' reminds me of the time i caught someone calling him BIG YAWN in the c-section of a post from this site earlier this or last year (i think it was Control) LMAO

  • Pizza Steve

    Yeah this is dope


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