JAY Z Reassures Fans & Critics TIDAL Is Doing Just Fine

blame it on JES7 April 26, 2015

After formally introducing TIDAL to the world, many thought the subscription based music streaming service would be the future, competing with the likes of Spotify and Beats Music.

JAY Z premiered the video for “Glory” on TIDAL, and RiRi debuted the video for “American Oxygen” there as well.

It was also announced that JAY & Beyoncé’s long overdue, highly anticipated joint album would be a TIDAL exclusive. This, of course, could have simply been a plot to keep TIDAL’s legs from crumbling under it’s own weight.

Since it’s launch, TIDAL has been plagued with controversy. Andy Chen, former CEO of the company was reportedly forced out and replaced by Peter Tonstad. Page Six reports that the app fell “out of the iPhone top 700 apps.”

Still, JAY is adamant that TIDAL is doing just fine, as he took to Twitter to address the situation:

He also addressed future endeavors for the app:

Personally, I don’t own the app because I strictly use Pandora One (and sometimes Sirius XM), but I don’t see why people are knocking it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Neither was the Great Wall of China.

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