Allan Kingdom: True North (Documentary)

blame it on Shake November 5, 2015

Similar to what they did with Vic Mensa’s Down To Start A Riot piece, The FADER links up with Allan Kingdom to help share a part of his story in a new mini-documentary called True North.

Live from St. Paul, Minnesota, the rising artist introduces his mother and uncle, speaks on meeting Kanye West, and offers a glimpse in to his personal journey in Hip-Hop.

Peep some choice quotes below and press play.

Performing With Kanye West

“I was walking out on stage, we cross through the curtain, we’re about to walk out, Kim introduces us, and Kanye turns around and is like, ‘welcome to the big leagues.'”

Creating His Own World

“I still feel like I’m at the beginning. I don’t even want to feel like I’ve done it all, I think that’s when you stop being creative. Allan Kingdom for me is like I’m taking everything that I’m learning in the world, and creating my own world that you can join me in.”

Showcasing His True Personality In Music

“People don’t really see deer a lot, and people don’t really see trees a lot in hip hop. But that’s what I grew up around. Do I want to keep shooting videos in the city and around buildings I don’t really live my life in? Or should I just show people what I’m actually around. And I was like, yeah. I’m Allan Kingdom.”