Sylvan Lacue – “The Watcher 3”

blame it on Shake November 9, 2015

Over the years, QuESt has remained one of my favorite artists doing it. We’ve been supporting since January 2009, and the Miami emcee has never disappointed. From dopeRoots-presented projects like Distant Travels Into Soul Theory and Broken Headphones, and quality releases like The Reason: A Defense Mechanism and Fear Not Failure, to this year’s incredible Searching Sylvan LP, I honestly can’t think of a weak link in the man’s catalog.

Now, going by his given name, Sylvan Lacue is back with some well-thought-out raps about the current state of the industry. Placing the focus on the new generation of Hip-Hop artists, and the fuckery that has been building over the years…

“I don’t see anyone talking about the cycle or formula we’ve all been subjected to for the past 3 to 4 years in Hip-Hop”. Sylvan says. “Especially when it comes to up & coming artists today, including myself. Not to sound preachy or anything. So I used Jay-Z’s ‘The Watcher 2’ as inspiration to speak about it.”

Embrace the Linzi Jae & Wishlade-produced “The Watcher 3” below, and be on the lookout for Mr. Lacue’s upcoming project, Far From Familiar – which will be a direct sequel to Searching Sylvan.

“Famous niggas come around, be like ‘I’m feeling the flow.’ Make their own remixes, bring you out to show – just to make themselves hot. You know how that shit go.”

Oh, like The Drake Effect?