2 Chainz Is Your ‘Nightly Show’ Political Translator

blame it on Meka March 9, 2016

Even if he doesn’t come across as such to the rest of the world (read: Nancy Grace types who only “listen” to rap when it’s used as a talking point on their asinine FOX News show), 2 Chainz is actually an extremely intelligent individual, attaining an athletic scholarship to Alabama State University and graduating with a 4.0 GPA. On top of that, he’s quite possibly one of the most charitable artists today, constantly doing the type of philanthropic work usually reserved for superheroes.

Apparently, Young Tauheed is a comedian in disguise as well. Perhaps it’s from his times hanging out with Ludacris when he was a member of his DTP clique, but the guy is capable of cracking a couple jokes (see his video for “Watch Out” for example). Chainz returned to The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore last night, where he was asked to explain the recent suspension of Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign in a segment simply titled “2 Chainz Explainz.”

If, somehow, this rap thing doesn’t work out, Teta Chico can always become a political pundit.