Open Mike Eagle & Paul White – “I Went Outside Today” f. Aesop Rock

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 21, 2016

This Friday, Open Mike Eagle and Paul White’s much-anticipated collab, Hella Personal Film Festival, is set to finally release via Mello Music Group. So far, the album’s first two sounds have delved deep into OME’s social anxieties and personal troubles, touching on society’s habit to live through its technology (“Check to Check“) and the difficulties of fighting through drug recovery (“Admitting The Endorphin Addiction“).

The third single, “I Went Outside,” follows similar anxious themes, but, on its surface, those anxieties seem to be celebrated rather than viewed as worrisome. The song comes directly after admitting how hard it’s been getting over an addiction, so Open Mike Eagle escaping the clutches of his home — and his phone — and trying to see the light in the world should be commended.

Pre-order Hella Personal Film Festival on Bandcamp, and stream “I Went Outside” below.