Vince Staples Responds To Youtube Commenters In Nosiey’s “The People Vs.” Series

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 2, 2016

It’s become well known Vince Staples has some of most insightful and entertaining commentary on everything from societal issues to rappers’ chains. (I’m still dying at him refusing to call JaRED Goff by his real name, but instead: JaBLUE Goff.) Today, he returns with more witty conversation on Noisey’s “The People Vs.” series as he responded to comments on his “Norf Norf” video.

Typically, these sessions are used to talk about what influenced the video, his music among other complimentary or scathing commentary. Vince, though, used the four minutes to promise a man Fetty Wap would win in a fade (then comparing him to Nelly after wearing an open shirt), to suggest someone go to 65th and Obispo to make sure he’s from the set and to tell people to stop telling him who the hell he should collaborate with.

But before all that? He questions why people never ask Taylor Swift if she ever killed any of Ed Sheeran’s friends after getting a comment about him and Kendrick in the same situation. That’s a helluva starter.

Watch “The People Vs. Vince Staples” below.