JSWISS – No Music (EP)

blame it on JES7 June 26, 2016

Considered a student of such prestigious producers which include J Dilla, 9th Wonder and Nujabes — New York emcee JSWISS has incessantly proven time and time again that he has both the skill and diligence to carry the torch of his esteemed idols.

Driven by a desire to write awe-inspiring raps with intricate wordplay, and a fondness for soul, jazz, funk and true-school Hip-Hop, this former University of North Carolina student is eager to help heave a seismic shift back into the hands of rap’s rightful owners and its lineage of devoted fans.

Following the release of “Sunshine To Rain” and “Dedicate. Lovesomethin,” JSWISS dips his foot into the murky waters of Hip-Hop by dropping his 6-track EP, No Music, hoping to clear its cache and reset the timeline.

What is an emcee?

An emcee has a command of language, top notch wordplay and delivery, and pays close attention to the words he chooses. An emcee wants you to hear every word he says. An emcee has command over all elements of the music and doesn’t simply rap over it, but becomes one with it, both dictating and adapting with the ebbs and flows of the soundscape. On the “No Music” EP, JSWISS shines as the epitome of an emcee.

Whether it’s the feel-good vibes of “Sunshine To Rain”, the party vibes of title track “No Music” or the introspective bars of “Figure It Out” JSWISS demonstrates that’s he’s not a rapper, but an emcee and an artist.

Head over to J’s Bandcamp to purchase the EP (or via iTunes), and/or grab all of his previous nine releases for $26.24.

For more insight into the meaning behind each song, check out his piece over at Medium.