Mac Miller Announces The Divine Feminine Tour

blame it on Meka August 24, 2016

With his and Anderson .Paak’s “Dang!” quickly becoming a fan favorite, Mac Miller has taken to his Instagram page today (August 24th) and announced that he will embark on a nationwide tour in support of his forthcoming fourth studio album The Divine Feminine.

Beginning September 18th, the Fall tour will take Larry throughout North America and will end shortly before X-Mas. Check to see which city Mac will hit down bottom.


Tickets are available on Mac Miller’s Website (no, seriously, that’s the name of his e-home).

Mac was recently interviewed by Milk. In it he spoke on working with Ariana Grande, his BFF Donald Trump, why women rule and more.

Some choice quotes.

Do you think [Donald Trump] could actually be president?

You know what? For the longest time my answer was no. But yes, he could, and so motherfuckers need to do something. Pretending that it’s not going to happen is why he made it so far. Think simply.

When the leaders from every country are sitting [around a table] and it’s time for the United States’ leader to talk on our behalf, do you want this motherf**ker to speak for you? Do you want people to look at Donald Trump and say, “That’s America?” The answer is full-heartedly, 100 percent no.

At this point, it’s Hillary. [She’s] better than Trump. It’s awesome to have a woman president. Keep progressing. Don’t step back into building a wall.

Why did you decide to title your latest album The Divine Feminine?

[It came from] the idea of the feminine energy that rules planet Earth—the nurturing energy. There was a time where that was sacred and was treated as such.

Women, to me, are just way iller. I really want girls to understand how much of their soul is amazing, you know what I mean?