Joey Purp Performs An Acoustic Version Of “Say You Do” In A Ball Pit, Because Why Not

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 12, 2016

There was a period this year where all I listened to for five days was Joey Purp’s iiiDrops. It’s probably because I was a couple months late in finally downloading it, and I was making up for the project’s missed time in rotation.

Some of the standouts include “Cornerstore” with Saba and theMIND (which is also one of the best songs of the year with two of the best verses of the year), “Morning Sex” and “Photobooth,” all which if anything was changed about them, I’d wonder why anyone would want to alter perfection.

There’s also energetic moments like “Say You Do,” which has the tough task of following one of the best songs of the year, but does so admirably by being the antithesis of what “Cornerstore” is content-wise. And that’s what makes this new video interesting.

The Chicago native took the animated sounds and lyrics of “Say You Do,” like, Tryna say something, get you in the mood/Fat ass, tryna see what that do, and stripped them down. He took the looping, jazzy production, replaced it with an acoustic guitar that floats under his lyrics and jumped into a ball pit and performed the song.

Now I know I said “Cornerstore” is the antithesis of what “Say You Do” is in terms of the content, but this version of “Say You Do” is the antithesis of everything “Say You Do” is, except for the content.

Jump into the ball pit and watch the video, courtesy of Pitchfork and directed by Jim Larson, below.