Russ – “For The Stunt”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 17, 2016

Another week, another song from Russ.

It seems that after hopping off the song-a-week horse over the summer, the Atlanta native has returned to form of releasing a self-produced song every seven days or so for free.

He follows “Overdue” with “For The Stunt,” which comes from the same place of motivation the previous single came from: the fact people doubted him, and now that he’s successful, he’s overcompensating by driving Bentleys fast in your neighborhood and putting billboards of his own face all around his hometown.

It’s all so he can stunt — something he hadn’t been able to do in his first 10 years of making music.

Russ is going on tour for the next couple months, so the song-a-week trend might get broken again. So enjoy “For The Stunt” just in case it’s the last song for a while.