Vince Staples & Eric Andre Discuss The Future, Endangered Species & More With Complex

blame it on Meka October 26, 2016

Despite their professions, rapper Vince Staples and funnyman Eric Andre have a lot more in common. They both possess a wordly, yet wholly nihilistic, sense of awareness, and despite their jobs may suggest to mothers and (new BFF of the DopeHouse) Flavor Flav they are two of the smartest artists around.

THe two recently got together for an interview with Complex. Equal parts hilarious (“If Donald Trump becomes president, I’m gonna be the first Jew in ISIS”) and thought-provoking (“We’re all arguing over money, even though we just print it”) , the two talk everything from endangered animals to the future, dropping a steady stream of witty non sequiturs throughout.

Some choice quotes:

Complex: What issues are important to you guys this election?

Vince Staples: The ones that actually affect people who don’t have enough money to change them—which is almost everybody. But that has nothing to do with the president. For the most part, it’s state law getting motherf***ers killed, not the president. We have bad things happen, but it’s not like Syria, which we ignore and pretend doesn’t happen. We’ve got it pretty good, no matter who the president is, to be honest.

Eric André: Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel like we put all the weight on the president, rather than distributing the weight to all of the elected officials. You can’t really feel the direct change from one president to another versus people closer to you in local elections.

Staples: Exactly. All my friends and family are either in prison or don’t make enough money. I don’t know what the president really does. I haven’t been able to experience that kind of shift yet.

The entire interview can be seen here. A brief, humorous vignette can be seen below.