Nacho Picasso & Harry Fraud Don Their ‘AntiHero’ Capes & Cowl

blame it on JES7 November 1, 2016

Being the hero can sometimes prove to be a tiring and tepid occupation, and every now and then, we need not necessarily a villain, but an antihero to break up the monotony.

With all the numerous comic book movies and TV shows that have popped up since the first X-Men film in 2000, the focus has always been on the one courageous soul who saves the day, yet there’s something that is just engrossing about a “hero” that gets the job done in unconventional ways, without wanting to be showered with accolades.

This year alone, (comic) book movie lovers were blessed with not one, but two antihero films: FOX/Marvel’s Deadpool and Warner Bros/DC’s Suicide Squad — and the consensus is, we need more of these type of stories and films.

SRFSCHL’s Nacho Picasso has always considered himself as more of a villain, and the Seattle-based rapper linked up with Harry Fraud for their own take on an antihero narrative with AntiHero vol. 1.

“I’ve kinda always been regarded as a villain, but I’ve evolved a lot since my early days, and I understand the universe way more now than I did when I first got in the game. AntiHero represents that. Songs like “Lizard King Jr.” show my weird, paranoid conspiracy theorist side while displaying my unorthodox wordplay and drugged out sexcapades. “Grunge” is close to my lil heart! I rarely do emo songs cause I’m lightskint and emo enough but this one reflects on my current struggles with who I am, while paying homage to my city. “Voices In My Head,” is my Nacho Kubrick shit…My Edgar Allen ‘Poe-up!’ This is a scary story I made up in my head on some American Psycho/The Shining shit! The AntiHero is the ‘rebirth of Nacho.'”