Steve Lacy (of The Internet) – “Dark Red”

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 20, 2017

We’ve seen The Internet band members Syd (Fin) and Matt Martians (The Drum Chord Theory) release their own solo projects over the first seven-plus weeks of the year so far. Guitarist (and singer) Steve Lacy will follow suit with A Song Series, and today, he shares the project’s second single, “Dark Red.”

This may be recency bias (because I’ve listened to it a ton), but “Big Red” reminds me of a more-refined song from Cody Chesnutt’s The Headphone Masterpiece. Led largely by drums and guitar strums, Lacy hums about an the potential loss of a love who could easily move onto better people. “Something bad is about to happen to me. Why I feel this way, I don’t know, baby,” he sings, casually blending folk and soul sounds into a preparation-for-the-worst-case-scenario situation.

Listen to “Big Red” below.