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Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) – “Knuckle Dragging”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 28, 2017

Wrekonize has ventured out on his own before.

The London-born emcee, who is one of the leading rappers from rap-rock group ¡MAYDAY!, branched off from the group he helped found for two albums: 2010’s A Soiree For Skeptics and The War Within in 2013. He’s used the albums as a way to delve into his own mental space, and he’ll continue that deep dive on his upcoming project, Into The Further.

Today, Wrekonize shares the final single before the project’s release. “Knuckle Dragging” sees the emcee facing the moment where life’s just become too much, and rather than simply give up, Wrekonize swivels to human’s primitive quality of fighting for survival.

“This record embodies that boiling point we all have when you’ve been pushed beyond your limit and have to react accordingly,” Wrekonize told us over email. “Sometimes you have to use less civilized tactics to gain respect from people. This song is the soundtrack to one of those moments where a man is pushed over the edge at his job waiting tables and decides to break out.”

Press play on “Knuckle Dragging” below.