Atmosphere’s ‘God Loves Ugly’ Turns 15 Years Today!

blame it on JES7 June 11, 2017

Unlike most of my peers, I was introduced to the sounds of Atmosphere way late into the game; perhaps because of my very early infatuation with hardcore, East Coast boom-bap (of course, mixed in with the oddball, super underground backpack rap).

My ignorance extended to the fact in which I believed Atmosphere was one man, never knowing until a few years later that the duo consisted of Slug and Ant — the latter who I know consider a favorite producer of mine.

God Loves Ugly, Atmosphere‘s second album, was released 15 years ago to the day, on June 11, 2002. Personally, I was introduced to the LP much later. In 2002, I was still biding my time, counting down the days until my military contract would finally expire two years later.

I’d like to think I discovered God Loves Ugly in 2004 (my marijuana-stained memory is to blame for my selective amnesia), around the same time I was put on to Eyedea & AbilitiesE&A.

As for the former, I was drawn into the soulful (“Fuck You Lucy,” “Hair,” “God Loves Ugly,” and my two absolutel favorites, “A Girl Named Hope” and “Modern Man’s Hustle”), and orthodox beats of Ant (“The Bass and the Movement“), coupled with Slug’s absolutely honest, self-deprecating rhymes.

It takes a certain breed of restraint, understanding and perseverance — not to mention an unbreakable bond — for two artists to stick with each other for nearly two decades, and continuously bang out such a deep and revered discography which dates all the way to 1997’s Overcast!; each album standing the test of time.

Congrats to Atmosphere on 15 years of God Loves Ugly.