Starlito – “Black John Stockton”

blame it on Shake June 16, 2017

Last month, after voicing his displeasure with “White Iverson,” Starlito and Post Malone were involved in a back and forth on Twitter that led to both parties volleying light insults in each other’s direction.

“To me, [‘White Iverson’] was a celebration of white privilege,” Lito told XXL shortly after the public dispute. “The ‘White Iverson’ thing is very, very, very close to like… black face, to a minstrel show. And I know that might be an extreme perspective, but it is my perspective. No black rapper could make a ‘Black John Stockton.’ And maybe that speaks more to John Stockton’s appeal versus Iverson’s, and that’s a whole other argument, but I’m just saying we couldn’t categorize something traditionally over-the-top white as black. We could do a black version and parody it in good taste. But it’s a weird double standard thing that [Post] benefits from. It’s more of like a cringe thing. It doesn’t make me mad.”


Now, with his Hot Chicken project dropping July 4, Lito decides to revisit that idea and actually go through with releasing a song called “Black John Stockton.” On top of “featuring” Post, the track also boats a beat “produced” by Russ. If you get it, you get it.

Check it out below. And, while you wait for Hot Chicken to arrive, be sure to give that Step Brothers THREE a spin or six.