Meet Travis Thompson, Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Rapper

blame it on Meka June 21, 2017

At this point, it feels like everybody wants to rap. Seriously, there are times where — whether I am at my second job, that of a deejay for events such as Hennypalooza, or if I’m grocery shopping — I get “offered” information about upcoming music, a flash drive, or somebody referring me to somebody who referred to themselves as the “new 2Pac.”

Seriously, why does everybody want to be him? But, I digress.

Either way, it was almost easy to pass off Travis Thompson as just another one of the long (like, extremely long) list of rappers these days. But at the behest of a friend I took a listen, and contrary to that list he’s actually quite talented. While the Seattle-based artist seemingly takes inspiration from one Chance The Rapper his sound is unique enough to, well, stand out from the rest.

He already has worked with another Seattle product, Jake One, on “American Youth,” which can be seen below.

Check out a pair of other highlights down bottom, and head to his SoundCloud page to hear more.

“Die Today”

“Father Forgive Me”