Joseph Chilliams Taps Saba, Noname, Jamila Woods For ‘Henry Church’ Album

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 24, 2017

Joseph Chilliams has long resided amongst the PIVOT Gang — a group of creatives, but mostly friends, from Chicago. His younger brother, Saba, has been making moves amidst his city with people like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, gathering a respectable and well-earned fan base himself with projects like ComfortZone and Bucket List Project.

Chilliams, though, is ready to make a name for himself on his debut project, Henry Church, which is a literal translation of “Enrique Iglesias.” Joseph’s carefreeness isn’t only expressed in his album title’s name, he’s also made his own episode of Jackass and made a song (somewhat) about Powerpuff Girls.

On Henry Church, Williams calls on plenty of fellow Chicago artists like Noname, Supa Bwe (“Kale”), Add-2, Jamila Woods, Mfn Melo and his brother across 13 tracks. Stream the project below, and support Williams’s pockets on iTunes.