Phora – “Holding On” (Video)

blame it on Shake March 30, 2018

With Yours Truly Forever still in rotation, Phora returns with his second new release of the year.

After a brief escape from the darkness on “Boss Up,” the Anaheim native is back in the dumps, battling depression and sadness with a harrowing clip for “Holding On.”

Directed by George Orozco and 6th Element.

Thinking about life, how everything changed… how much I’ve been thru… all this depression I’ve been dealing with… reflecting. That’s the word I like to use… reflecting on everything and thinking way back. To when things were so simple. Everything was okay… shit changes, people change, life goes on… and it’s crazy, all this pain and hurt we deal with just to keep living … honestly sometimes it feels like living isn’t worth it. But I still keep going. I know there’s happiness somewhere. I’ve been so low lately. So depressed. But I know things will be okay. My heart is so heavy, shit is just not okay for me right now…. I’ve changed so much, sometimes I feel like I’ve turned into someone that I’m just not okay with.. someone I don’t know.. I wonder if the old me would be proud of me? I wonder what the old me would say? After years of course, everyone changes… we go thru pain, we deal with shit differently the older we get… but I know one thing….. I’m still holding on.. I still have hope… I’m so broken right now. So fucking broken and done with everything.. but I keep going. I know theres something in the future waiting for me, something that will make me feel like all this pain was worth it.. I’ve been searching for myself.. searching for real genuine LOVE… and it’s so hard because I’m so fucked up in my head. But I’m just praying everything will be okay… I miss the way things were, but I have to keep going… no matter how hard it is… still holding on.. still holding on.

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