B.o.B Drops BET UnCut-Worthy “Cuello” Video

blame it on Meka April 23, 2018

B.o.B swears that his video for “Cuello” is “about the throat chakra.” I beg to differ, Bobby Ray.

“Blame Tiff,” a disclaimer or the visual warns before, well… this happens.

The video gets a lot more “creative” with the use of fruits, candies and Future‘s “Lad di dah di dah” line from “King’s Dead.” B.o.B claims he wasn’t supposed to be in this, but I don’t think that he was too upset that he had to be in it.

Oh yeah, this video is kinda-sorta NSFW too, just a heads up. For those interested, the shorty with the Dhalsim tongue has an Instagram fan page.