Las Vegas Duo, POWMINDSET Returns with New Album, ‘EDEN’

blame it on Shake July 27, 2018

PHOTO: @7dollarburrito

POW(MINDSET) back! Well, in reality, they never left.

The last time we featured Play On Words was back in 2015 when the Las Vegas duo released their Vice Versa project. Since then, Nate Quest and Nick Crucial have continued to make their mark on the LV music scene with various shows and loose singles.

Unfortunately, they don’t hit me up about any of it anymore, so I’m always missing out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, I recently came across a song called “Birds” they released a few months back (thanks to a RT on Twitter) and after checking their SoundCloud page, it seems like they’ve already released a handful of songs in 2018—all produced by the homie, Chris Punsalan.

The songs acted as a precursor to Nick and Nate’s new album, Eden, which hit all streaming platforms today.

Led by the Asaiah Ziv-laced “Create,” the album extends nine tracks with features from Moose the Coolest, DejaNay, and Chels, and production by David.cuf, DJ Finyl, Beam, Buckroll, and POW themselves.

Do yourself a favor and spark one up while pressing play on Eden (and the previously-released loosies) below.