Iggy Azalea Releases ‘Survive the Summer’ EP

blame it on Shake August 3, 2018

The last few times we’ve seen Iggy Azaelea, she’s been shaking her backside like her life depended on it—because the “ground won’t f*ck itself,” or something.

A secret to no one, the whole twerk SZN effort was clearly an attempt to get people to notice her impending return to music, which has officially arrived today in the form of her EP, Survive the Summer.

Equipped with six songs, including “Kream” with Tyga (which came with an ass-shaking visual, of course) and “OMG” with Wiz Khalifa, the EP can be heard below.

If the music isn’t your thing, perhaps some of Iggy’s thirst trap posts are more up your alley…

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