Atrayo Returns with ‘Chiefn Season’ Project

blame it on Shake May 3, 2019

Ayo, Atrayo is back at it!

A year and some change removed from The Golden Paradigm, the Vegas emcee is back with another showcase of his raw talent.

Light years away from Lyrically Handsome and moons past The Warm Up, Atrayo flexes his range with some soulful, melodic backed rhythm and a more “suede to the touch” feel than you may be accustomed to from his previous releases. And you know what, we’re absolutely here for it.

“This is hands down my favorite project I’ve ever made,” Atrayo says. “Because I made music I didn’t know I had the range to make. I came out the early 2000s battle rap generation, so I’m proud to make shit like ‘Odyssey’ or ‘Black Rock’ and not feel weird about it.”

“I know a lot of y’all wanted more ‘Soul Of Khalid’ and ‘Round Here’,” he continued. “But allow ya boy to flex my versatility. Anything I’ve done I can do better. Coupled with the blessings of the Creator there is nothing WE cannot do.”

Light up and press play below and be sure to add Chiefn Season on your preferred streaming platform.