Sir Michael Rocks – “Alone” (Short Film)

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 22, 2016

If you haven’t experienced a lonely day — whether by choice or not — I’m in full belief that you’re missing out. A lonely day is good for relaxation purposes and, generally, humans are the worst thing on the planet, so a day not having to interact with any is somewhat a positive. But once those days spent alone start adding up, then they lonely days lose whatever special bliss they had.

Sir Michael Rocks just dropped a short film for “Alone,” which originally landed on his Populair EP, and it documents one of those lonely days. He eats Chipotle, watches Basketball Wives, goes to a museum. It’s all stuff that could enhance the absence of human interaction. It’s all relatable. Until you realize there’s a reason Sir Michael Rocks is alone. Then everything I said just seems… off. Find out for yourself via the video above.