Funk Flex Responds To Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ Shots — With Petty Insults

blame it on JES7 August 6, 2016

The war of words continues to play out as the lukewarm “beef” between Drake and Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex bubbles into nothingness.

Here’s a quick recap: While on the extended New York leg of his Summer Sixteen Tour, which brought Drake to Madison Square Garden, the OVO rapper had some choice words for Funk Flex, with fans capturing video of a seemingly enraged Drizzy ranting about wanting to see the veteran DJ terminated. “Fire Funk Flex and then I’ll do your show,” Drake shouted to the packed arena, before channeling his new friend Kanye West and his streams of consciousness.

Funk Flex responded to Drake’s comments shortly after, while Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg hopped on air to voice their opinion on the matter the following day. Earlier reports from clickbaiting publications stated that Drake also shouted “F*ck Hot 97,” however, being that there is no physical proof that this actually happened, those statements have since been rescinded.

As promised, that day Flex promised us has arrived, and true to his word, he responded in kind revealing “First of all, Drake, I’m not really worried about you making me lose my job. Want me to tell you why? Because 70 percent of your fans wear high-heels, the other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals,” before berating the Toronto rapper for his infamous Blackberry freestyle fiasco back in 2009. “You wanted people to think you wrote your bars, and that the words on the BlackBerry were yours,” Flex continued. “I see through you. That’s why you so angry.”


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And there you have it folks. One of the most unexciting, mundane, petty rap beefs — if we can even call it that — has amounted to basic, playground insults. “Fire him or I’m not talking to you” and “Haha! Your fans wear chancletas and high heels.”

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EDIT: Here’s the audio below.