Killer Mike & El-P Have Finished Recording ‘Run The Jewels 3’

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 27, 2016

Every couple months or so, we post an update on Run The Jewels 3 — the third installment from Killer Mike and El-P’s brash and politically charged group Run The Jewels.

There’s this snippet from back in December, then in the April, the duo talked to Zane Lowe about — among other things — RTJ3. Then June came around, and another snippet made its way onto the Internet thanks to El-P, soon followed by Killer Mike saying the album would be done “real soon.”

Evidence of that popped up when a snippet from a new song arrived in the Gears Of War 4 trailer in early September.

Now, three months after Mr. Render said the album would be done soon, El-P said every word from Run The Jewels 3 has been recorded.

“The album is almost finished,” he tweeted, meaning RTJ3 is in its mixing and mastering stages. The duo have said on multiple occasions they hope to have their third album out by the end of 2016, and they’re on the path to accomplishing that.