T.Y.E Is An “Asshole” In New Video

blame it on Shake September 15, 2017

Back in June, T.Y.E made waves with his 32 album.

Described as “one big anxiety attack,” the Dallas native (who’s real name is Tyler Harris) details his pursuit of love and happiness while dealing with mental health and environmental distractions that leave him vulnerable to depression. It’s a never-ending cycle, but it works for him.

Today, Harris is revisiting 32 with a video for one of the standout tracks, “Asshole.”

“Some of those elements in the song are telling you how much of an asshole I am,” Harris says, referring to an immature and disgusting insult directed at an ex in the song, “and some are telling you how much I’m not… sometimes, after a while, being called an asshole, you get to going, ‘ok, maybe I am an asshole,’ and you try to accept it, but then it comes back to haunt you, like in the video.”

Inspired by The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” and Fight Club, the DanceDailey-shot visual follows T.Y.E down a Deep Ellum street, where his interactions with those he passes comes full circle in a Stone Cold-stunning end.