Jay Z & ‘4:44’ Was A Question On ‘Jeopardy’

blame it on Meka January 6, 2018

Jeopardy! is back at it again.

Earlier in the week the long-running game show had a category, “Music Literature Before & After,” which called for contestants to “combine the title of two works.” When one question was “A song by Coolio from Dangerous Minds goes back in time to become a 1667 John Milton classic,” a contestant answered it as “Gangster’s Paradise Lost” instead of “Gangsta’s Paradise Lost.”

The contestant lost over three thousand dollars for that simple mispronunciation.

The other day, Jay Z was featured in the category “The Business Of Celebrity.” His question was “4:44, the 2017 album by this rapper, debuted exclusively on the TIDAL music service also owned by this rapper.” This time the contestant, Steph, knew what was up.

Please have at least one hip hop question a month, Jeopardy! We’re here for all of this.