Eminem Talks “Fall” Backlash, BET Cypher Fallout & More To Sway

blame it on Meka September 13, 2018

In the first two parts of Eminem‘s interview with Sway, the rapper opened up about the how the negative response to his album inspired Kamikaze and the issues between he, Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden. In part three, Slim turns the proverbial spotlight on himself.

Following the backlash he received for his homophobic lyrics on “Fall,” Slim acknowledges that he went “too far.” “In my quest to hurt him, I realize that I was hurting a lot of other people by saying it,” Eminem said. “It was one of the things that I kept going back to and going ‘I don’t feel right with this.’” He also divulges more on his issues with “Fall” targets Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, citing their numerous disparaging comments on both social media and in interviews as the catalyst.

Eminem also talks about the fallout from his BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, revealing that he was visited by the Secret Service to question if he was actually threatening Agent Orange. “They were basically just asking questions about my lyrics to see what the intent was behind them and if I was making an actual threat or just expressing myself.”

Watch the interview below.