B. Dolan - Leaving New York (Buddy Peace Remix)

The first revision from the remix project Buddy Peace did with B. Dolan's 2010 release Fallen House, Sunken City. In this song, Buddy lifts the original story of exodus and gives it a sweltering desert backdrop via some obscure psych-rock records. The nasty scratch outro serves as a clear warning: Strange Famous is out for

B. Dolan - Tin Soldiers

In commemoration of the July 4th holiday (and as a counterweight to mindless patriotism), B. Dolan liberates track 12 off his House of Bees v.2 project. For a long time, I’ve wanted to make a song that directly addresses kids who are thinking of joining the military... (and with this track) I feel like I’ve

B. Dolan - House of Bees v.2 (Mixtape)

#MixtapeTuesday We've been hitting you with leaks and other greatness the past few weeks. Now it's time for B. Dolan to come through with his latest project.

B. Dolan - King Bee

Final leak off B. Dolan's House of Bees v.2; which drops next week (pre-orders available in both digital and physical formats). PREVIOUS: B. Dolan – 100 Bars for SFR | Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis x B. Dolan) – 2BAD (Video)

B. Dolan - 100 Bars for SFR

For his latest trick, B. Dolan rocks over some select beats (noted below) as a tribute to the label that pays him. And to remind y'all that House of Bees v.2 drops in less than two weeks (pre-orders available in both digital and physical formats). And as the image above depicts, B. will also be