Brockhampton Keeps It Coming With ‘Saturation II’ Project

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 24, 2017

Through the first four months of the year, Brockhampton — a boy band/rap group developed of homebodies who felt more at home on the Internet than in high school — were all but silent after sharing their All-American Trash mixtape the previous March.

They returned in May, though, with “FACE” — and they haven’t stopped since. It was the first single to Saturation, a far more mature and well-developed project than their brash and energetic introduction in 2016. As the album rolled on, from opening songs “HEAT” and “GOLD,” the vocal members of the band — largely Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, JOBA, Matt Champion, Dom McLennon and Merlyn Wood — transitioned to more tender personas.

But that was quickly put on pause with “SWAMP,” “SWEET” and JUNKY” — the first two singles form Saturation II. With plans to release a third project later this year, the second from the Saturation series is out now.

Saturation II lands at 16 songs, all with five-letter titles (except the final track, of course), and you can stream it below.