Slaine & Termanology Connect For ‘Anti-Hero’ Album

blame it on Shake October 6, 2017

For the last ten plus years, Slaine and Termanology have been making names for themselves across the world. But it was what was going on within the Massachusetts rap scene that would forever keep the two intertwined.

“We were rivals,” Slaine says. “When I started buzzing, Term was coming up at the same time. I viewed him as competition.”

Thankfully, after a near face-to-face battle on a cold New Year’s Eve night, cooler heads prevailed and the two decided to work together.

“That was kind of like a breaking point where we let it be known that that shit wasn’t going to happen and we wasn’t trying to battle or have beef,” Term adds. “Instead we were both gaining our own clout in the city and we were trying to link together and cake up.”

During the years that would follow, the Boston bully and Lawrence lyricist would collaborate on numerous tracks for each other’s projects. Impressed with a collection of songs recorded about four years ago, the two decided a collaborative album was the necessary next step.

Enter: Slaine vs Termanology, Anti-Hero.

Embracing the challenge of finding a solid middle ground, Term amped up his intensity to match Slaine’s hardcore style, while Slaine adapted his to fit the soulful boom-bap production that Term is known for rocking.

The result, a 14-track effort that exudes raw rap, with a mix of some of the duo’s most personal rhymes to date.

With features from Bun B, Conway (“Came A Long Way“), Ras KassMadchild (“Some Other Sh*t“), Ill Bill, Chris Rivers, Sick Jacken, Jared Evan, and Ea$y Money, the album boasts production from DJ Premier, Statik Selektah (3x), Evidence, The Arcitype, Billy Loman, Psycho Les, and DC the Midi Alien.

“We are always going to push each other,” Slaine says. “We always want to write something great and that part hasn’t changed. Going in I wanted to make a record with a different feel, and I think that comes out.”

  1. “Still Here” (prod. The Arcitype)
  2. “Anti-Hero” f. Bun B & Everlast (prod. DJ Premier)
  3. “Life Of A Drug Addict” (prod. Evidence)
  4. “Some Other Sh*t” f. Madchild (prod. Statik Selektah)
  5. “Apocalypse” f. Nems & Ill Bill (prod. Billy Loman)
  6. Land Of The Lost” (prod. Statik Selektah)
  7. “Bringing Much Terror” f. Chris Rivers (prod. Psycho Les)
  8. “Blink Of An Eye” f. Ras Kass (prod. Statik Selektah)
  9. “Snakes” f. Sick Jacken & Jared Evan (prod. Termanology & Artisin; co-prod. The Arcitype)
  10. “The Demon’s Peace” (prod. The Arcitype)
  11. “It Doesn’t Matter” (prod. DC The Midi Alien)
  12. “Blood In My Eyes” f. Ea$y Money (prod. Billy Loman)
  13. “Comeback Story” (prod. The Arcitype)
  14. “Came A Long Way” f. Conway (prod. Billy Loman)

Highlighted by the title-track with Bun B and DJ Premier, Slaine and Termanology’s Anti-Hero can be heard below. Press plan and add the album to your preferred streaming platform.